Tree of Life Pattern and Button Set by Lynette Anderson


Lynette is excited to introduce the eagerly awaited ‘Tree of Life’, a five-part BOM.

Lynette uses trees in many of her designs as they are a symbol of strength and endurance, this design has been inspired by the Egyptian Tree of Life. The Tree of Life (an Acacia Tree in this case) depicts the five stages of human life shown as birds, infancy, childhood, youth, adulthood and maturity.

The first four phases of life face to the East towards the sun which gives us life and light whereas maturity faces the West as it prepares for death.

Appliqué with cotton print and hand dyed wools alongside Lynette’s signature style embroidery, add some yoyo’s and delightful hand painted buttons to complete the look.

The set includes 5 pattern packs and the hand painted buttons

This is also available as a Block of the Month - £12.95 per month - Please contact us if you would prefer to receive your blocks monthly.


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